Friday, April 1, 2011

Beautiful Flowers - Uncle Benny is home!!!

5 months away in Afghanistan, serving his time for our country, leaving his family and friends behind. 

He walked in today as big and strong as ever the same Uncle Ben that left us. After 5 months being away i wondered if he had changed at all but everything that is familiar about him was there the minute i saw him, and he is home and that is all that matters. 

Watching my sister say good bye to him in November was one of the hardest things ever. I could tell all she wanted to do was scream and drop to her knee's and beg him not to go but she stayed strong. She cried and told him she loved him and to stay safe and that she would miss him but even as a bystander i could feel both their hearts ripping apart. 

I can only imagine the immense happiness they both felt finally having each other back in their arms, together. It was beautiful seeing them stare into each others eyes today, even while we were all around, those loving gazes were very much there. 

Uncle Benny walked in the door carrying a big bunch of pinky red roses, his big muscular arms and shoulders so very solid were softened by the beautiful gift he carried for Regan. Always the sweetheart and always the gentleman he had bought the perfect gift. 

After almost 7 weeks in traction i didn't think there were any new gifts left to give Regan but this was it, her first ever bunch of flowers, flowers bought just for her, something so special, something so mature for my little girl but something so cherished. 
She hasn't let them go and keeps asking me if they will grow bigger, i don't know how to tell her they will die but just like seeing the heart ache of Benny leaving and the joy of him coming back she will learn that all this is just part of life and we need to cherish the beautiful things while we have them. 



  1. Oh I cant believe no one bought her flowers! I didnt even think of it! What a good uncle xx

  2. What a beautiful read Kim and what a wonderful Uncle R has. x