Friday, May 6, 2011

Lunch with my little man...

Today is Friday, Pre-school day, YAY!!! 
Normally i run around frantically getting everything done and then B and i crash out about 1pm for our afternoon nap together, god i love our naps together. Anyway today is a beautiful Autumn day so i thought we might have our lunch on the grass out the back together.

While sitting out there eating enjoying every minute looking at my gorgeous boy being so well behaved i thought, hmmm this would make a beautiful post in my blog and i could get some great pics of him. So off i run inside to get the camera. 

By the time i get back B has shovelled almost the entire bowl of hummus into his mouth with his hands, his beautiful clean clothes are covered and he has it smeared all over his face... *sigh* that's B for you and i wouldn't have him any other way!!!

Right now i have stripped him off and he is having a ball running around naked yelling crazy noises at the top of his lugs... Not long till nap time, phew. 


Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Place and Yours

Yay Kate from Kate and Michael +3 is going to continue on with My Place and Yours. 

So this weeks theme is What's on your bed... 

My bed spread comes from my sister and was a christmas present like 3 years ago... It was perfect at the time but is starting to look a bit worn and dated and i am thinking that will have have to be this years christmas present again. 

It's pale green, almost mint, with white embroidered flowers on it. There is no way Aaron would let me go too girly but this seemed to fit into his criteria, it is his bedroom as well after all. 

And of course, what bed wouldn't be complete without matching throw pillow's to go with it. 

I LOVE my bed, if only i got to spend more time in it.