Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Place and Yours

So i am going to join in...

Each Tuesday Hello Owl  post a new theme of what's happening in her house. It could be anything from the front door to the kitchen sink..anything at all really. So i thought it's time i played along. To check out Hello Owl's My Place and Yours simply click here. 

This weeks theme is green. So off i set with my camera to capture something green and you know what, i don't have a lot of green inside the house and given that it's pouring down rain at the moment going outside wasn't the best of options. 

So i chose a wooden cut out of B's name. It just sits on his floating shelves in his room collecting dust but i really like it. A guy that works with mum made it for him when he was tiny so it's quite rough around the edges but that just makes me like it even more. 

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