Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My new favourite pants...

Ok i am in love... Yep totally smitten, head over heels in love with the kids new fisherman pants...  I love buying things from local people, home made one off pieces and one of my favourite little home made sewers is FrankieSmall. Her stuff is awesome and such amazing amazing quality,  her website doesn't have too much listed as she mainly sells at local markets but check out her blog. Oh and she is such a beautiful person, one of those people who melt your heart when they smile at you, even if you are still a complete stranger to her. 

The pants are a bit on the pricey side at $40 but like anything of hers the quality is just outstanding. The best thing about these pants though is they will last my kids for years to come. How??? Well take a look at the material on the bottom. That actually folds down so the pants become even longer as the kids grow. 

Secondly the waist, it's folded over in true fisherman style pants but there is velcro hiding under there to secure them, as we know how gentle our little ones are, this means there is about 10cm of growing room in the waist!!! That is massive. 

Then when the get bigger again you can roll the legs back up and wear them as shorts, because of the massive waist extension it means they should last them for years to come. 

But the best part of all is how absolutely adorable they are... 


Friday, April 15, 2011

My Place and Yours...

Hello Owl has decided to move on to bigger and better things and so that means that MYPAY has been put to rest... 

As i had only just started playing and really love the idea of being able to look back at certain pictures of my place in the future i have decided to keep going. Not too sure where the Your's will come into it but certainly each week i will be taking a pic of something at My Place. 

What better place to start that the computer. My link to the outside world, my connection to my online friends, my blogging space, my escape!

Perched on the draws every day is the same things. An empty vase, just begging for some fresh flowers, my camera and cord, my phone and my diary. I didn't clean it up as i wanted to look back on it exactly how it is. 

I usually have the curtain open so i can see the outside world but had to close it for the picture. 

I am inspired now to fill that vase. Next pay day i am going to get me some flowers. 


Thursday, April 14, 2011


The little man got his first pair of GumBoots this week and who knew they would become such a favourite... 

Bright blue with cars and trucks, typical boy GumBoots all ready for a wet winters day to go splashing in the mud. 

Running the new GumBoots in takes some serious climbing, they aren't complete until they have at least a couple of scratches on them. 

The brand new GumBoot shine is starting to wear off, but love for them isn't. 

Boots and all it's bath time, mum wasn't too impressed with the bathing of the GumBoots. 

A day sleep just wasn't happening without my boots. 

What better way to start to day than a bare bum and GumBoots. 

It's safe to say he LOVES his blue GumBoots


Monday, April 11, 2011

Me today...

This is me today...

When i went to get dressed this morning i really wanted to wear this dress, it would have to be my fav summer dress this year. I picked it up on one of my spending binges and it cost me a whole $4!!!!

I also learn't a valuable lesson after looking at this picture on the computer and that is to clean the mirror before i take pictures in it. 


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out and About, it's PARTY TIME...

Mel, Where would i be without you. 

Can you believe i actually went out? NO, i can't either, i actually left my babies with my mum and went out for the night. OK ok, half the night as we were home by 1215am but still it's a big step for me. 

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

This is Mel and i ready to hit the town, crazy thing is we have never actually been anywhere together without the kids... Mel is my babycenter friend who somehow ended up now being my best friend and since we met whilst pregnant with our first bubba's we have only ever done things together with our bubba's so this was a great experience. 

Since meeting on Babycenter and becoming friends i don't think a week has gone by where we haven't caught up, not sure what i would do without her now. 

Oh and we did drag our husbands along for the ride as well. 


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Set free...

Today was the day, after almost 7 weeks being tied to a bed Miss R was set free... 

She knew Michael our home care nurse was coming over and she knew he was going to take traction off but she didn't completely understand what that mean so anxiety took over and as soon as he arrived she was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with what's next, overwhelmed with fear, overwhelmed because while at 3 your are very grown up your comprehension of the world is still limited so to her, normal was now different and anything outside of her bed was suddenly foreign again. 

I grabbed my baby girl and hugged her tight, my heart was full of excitement that was very hard to contain, while her's was full of fear. She was hysterical, she was kicking Michael and crying saying she wanted to leave it on and stay in bed, Regan is the furthest from a violent child so for her to be kicking Michael took me off guard a bit. 

Michael and i stopped and had a quick chat and agreed that it has to come off so lets just get it done and within a minute it was off. She was still scared and snuggled in not wanting to look at either of us, so Michael left after doing the necessary checks and i ran a big warm bubble bath. 

She was still crying and begging me to leave her in bed but i knew she had to come out of the bed and regardless of when i did it, it was never going to be easy. So all of us stripped off (Bossy included) and hopped into the bath. While carrying her there she had her arms wrapped so tightly around my neck i felt like i could have let go and she would have held herself up. 

We hoped into the bath and the fear and anxiety melted away with the warmth of the bath and my baby girl returned, not the girl that was in traction but the girl before that. It was such a relief to see her so happy again and this pic shows just how happy she really was, even with those puffy eyes from crying so much. 

We have our x-rays and hospital appointment tomorrow and hopefully after that we will be given the all clear to return to some kind of normal life. 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Place and Yours

So i am going to join in...

Each Tuesday Hello Owl  post a new theme of what's happening in her house. It could be anything from the front door to the kitchen sink..anything at all really. So i thought it's time i played along. To check out Hello Owl's My Place and Yours simply click here. 

This weeks theme is green. So off i set with my camera to capture something green and you know what, i don't have a lot of green inside the house and given that it's pouring down rain at the moment going outside wasn't the best of options. 

So i chose a wooden cut out of B's name. It just sits on his floating shelves in his room collecting dust but i really like it. A guy that works with mum made it for him when he was tiny so it's quite rough around the edges but that just makes me like it even more. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Beautiful Flowers - Uncle Benny is home!!!

5 months away in Afghanistan, serving his time for our country, leaving his family and friends behind. 

He walked in today as big and strong as ever the same Uncle Ben that left us. After 5 months being away i wondered if he had changed at all but everything that is familiar about him was there the minute i saw him, and he is home and that is all that matters. 

Watching my sister say good bye to him in November was one of the hardest things ever. I could tell all she wanted to do was scream and drop to her knee's and beg him not to go but she stayed strong. She cried and told him she loved him and to stay safe and that she would miss him but even as a bystander i could feel both their hearts ripping apart. 

I can only imagine the immense happiness they both felt finally having each other back in their arms, together. It was beautiful seeing them stare into each others eyes today, even while we were all around, those loving gazes were very much there. 

Uncle Benny walked in the door carrying a big bunch of pinky red roses, his big muscular arms and shoulders so very solid were softened by the beautiful gift he carried for Regan. Always the sweetheart and always the gentleman he had bought the perfect gift. 

After almost 7 weeks in traction i didn't think there were any new gifts left to give Regan but this was it, her first ever bunch of flowers, flowers bought just for her, something so special, something so mature for my little girl but something so cherished. 
She hasn't let them go and keeps asking me if they will grow bigger, i don't know how to tell her they will die but just like seeing the heart ache of Benny leaving and the joy of him coming back she will learn that all this is just part of life and we need to cherish the beautiful things while we have them.