Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home to the shop - yay!

I have been back running now for 6 weeks. Yes i know, i took my time, Boston is 5.5 months now. Anyway one of my short term goals was to run from home to the shop and today i did it. :-)
Mum was here and the kids were being good so she said i should go so i did.
It's around 5 k's and i did it in 33 minutes including a 5minute warm up walk, so if i ran the whole thing it would have been closer to the 30 minute mark.
My aerobic fitness is great, aerobically i felt like i could have kept running for a lot longer it was my core and legs that were letting me down. At least i now know what i need to work on and will put together a program to increase my core strength and legs.
My next goal is to run to the shop and back... Eeek, will have to up my regular runs and really get stuck into my core training as i am pretty sure that is one of the main factors. Anyway i am still on track for the 10k Hill to Harbour run on Easter Monday and am actually really looking forward to it so in the mean time i will keep ounding the pavement. ;-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Argh!!! I'm off track...

Ok so i have been going really well with my weight loss and fitness overhaul but since Bossy B's christening i have been pretty off track when it comes to my eating.
Why is it that i feel like i "need" these bad foods? Why do i give in so easily?
I go through all the right things in my head, like telling myself i will feel yuck after, it is only going to taste good for a minute, how much do i really want it, but i still mindlessly grab that bad food and eat it and i do feel bleh after eating it.
I have still been exercising enough and eating right most of the time but today Regan and i made choc chip cookies and i have seriously polished off half of them already. I have no will power when it comes to bad food being in the house, if it is here i will eat it which is why i don't normally have bad food in the house or make bad food but today i wanted to make Regan a treat.
Tomorrow is a new day and i promise to use Calorie King EVERY DAY for a week to get myself back on track. I really love that website, it is sooo simple to use and really helps you understand what you are putting into your body.
"Come on Kim, it's really not that hard, SNAP OUT OF IT"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"THE MAN OF THE MOMENT" - Boston's Baptism.

7th February 2010
St Johns Anglican Church
Boston Beau Paull

Boston's baptism went off with out a hitch. We had him baptised at St Johns Anglican Church in Cooks Hill, which is where Aaron and i were married and where Regan was baptised.
Regan was baptised at about 4 months of age so i tried to do the same with Boston. The day went really well. Uncle Lee and Aunty LJ stayed at our place the night before. LJ and i woke up early sunday morning and went for a 4km run, Regan decided she wanted to come so we took turns in pushing her. As soon as we got home it was on! :-) We got stuck into the cooking, cleaning, showering, organising the children (including Aaron and Lee) and we did it all on time.
It was a raining day but very muggy and while Boston was being baptised we were all sweating up a storm.
He was an angel though, no tears, no grizzles, instead he ate the service book, oopps.
Regan was a gem as well, she was so well behaved and even got to help Father Stuart pour and bless the water. I am so lucky to have the two wonderful babies that i have they both absolutley adore each other and make each other smile all the time.

Now Aaron and i aren't overly religious. Aaron was bought up going to church every sunday as his family are quite religious and involved in the church. I on the other hand was bought up going to church occasionally but mainly being alowed to believe in what i want and follow what ever belief i wanted. Aaron and i were both christened Anglican and were married in an Anglican church.
Our reasons for wanting to have our children christened are that we wanted them to be introduced to the religion that we were both introduced to and it is something that is quite important in Aaron's family. Ultimatly it will be there decision what faith they want to follow, if any at all, but at least they will have somewhere to start.

God parents Lee and Amanda.
The god parents were an easy choice, they are also Regan's god parents and if we have any more children they will have the same god parents as well.
Amanda is my sister, even though i am from a large family she is my only 'full' sister. We are only 16 months apart in age and i would consider us very close. Amanda (Aunty Moo) and her soon to be husband Ben lead a life similar to ours, they both believe in healthy living, looking after the environment, staying active, remaining focused on goals and much more. They are both beautiful people who have hearts of gold. If in the unfortunate event that Aaron and i were taken from this eart then Amanda and Ben are the people we would want to guide our kids and take them into their care.
Lee is Aaron's best mate and has been pretty much since i met him. Lee has been there through everything and is always such a supportive person. Lee and LJ are ture friends and true friends are hard to fine. They have been there while we were engaged, got married and now had babies, even though they aren't at that stage in their lives them selves they are still there for us.
So what do the god parents mean to me. Well it's not the old fashioned meaning of 'that is who your children will go to if you die' instead to me a god parent is someone special in our life, someone who i would trust to give advice to my children should either of them decide to seek advice from people other than Aaron and i. Someone who i would be happy for my children to confide in or go to if they need help. They are someone who's advice i respect and who opinion if more than welcome and appreciated. It is someone who i know loves and cares for my children with all their hearts.
We continued on after the service at our place eating and drinking with friends and family. Boston was very spoiled with plenty of cuddles, kisses and gifts and again it was a lovely reminder of the wonderful friends and family we have.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not much really

Well not much has been happening the last week or so. We had Boston's christening on the weekend and it was fantastic but i will wait until i have some pictures to blog on that.
I have started doing the home deliveries for the shop, just the local ones, which take about an hour out of my day each day. It a bit of a pain in the butt, but i really need to start making some more money for the household and i would rather pay myself than pay someone else.
Mum had her hysterectomy (sp) yesterday and it all went really well except they had to take everything out, ovaries and all which means she will be on hormones pretty much for the rest of her life. Mum, being the fit woman that she is will be fine, she will bounce back no problems and is already looking forward to finally having a flat tummy. We went to visit her twice today and i think the kids really brightened her day, she was looking suprisingly well as well. Regan was ever so cute and hoped up onto the bed and said "so, nanny. You have a sore tummy?" She was busy chatting away to all the nurses and other patients in the room and even showed nanny how she does her 'exercises', lol. She has been watching me do mine at home and now copies, she can do some boxing, crunches, sit ups, squats and stretches, all in her own way of course. While we were there Boston was ever the angel that he is, happily kicked away, gooing and smiling at everyone. The lady in the bed next to mum saw me changing his bum and asked about the nappy's i was using so of course i went into my full blown pitch about the MCN's. She was rather impressed with them and is going to talk to her daughter in law about using them, i hope that is a good thing though as i know how some mother in laws can come across.
Anyway tomorrow we are doing the usual, heading to the gym first thing, coming home for lunch, heading out to do deliveries then coming home to do housework and play.

Friday, February 5, 2010

"I want daddy"

I WAN'T DADDY... It's these words that break my heart on a daily basis. Regan is going through a stage where if she is tired or upset, hurts herself or gets in trouble she says in a sad soft voice, "I wan't daddy"...
As a mum i love my children more than words can ever describe, i love them more than life and would do anything and more for them. I am a stay at home mum and really put my all into raising my babies. I know when Regan say's it, it's only because Aaron works such long hours and isn't here as much as we would both like but it's still such a blow to my heart to hear these words daily. She fell over today and was crying and didn't want anything to do with me. I couldn't comfort her, i couldn't cuddle her, all she wanted was daddy. The feeling's that came over me were, well, overwhelming? Sadness, guilt, hurt, i felt sunken, i felt hollow and i also felt angry, i want to be the one my children want when they are upset, i want to be the one they cry for, but i guess that is selfish of me. I love that she loves her daddy so much and that she see's him as her protector and comfort but i can't help but long for that feeling of love from her as well.

Regan was very much a mummy's girl for at least the first 18 months of her life and i think it's those times i crave and it's the memories from those times that make this period so hard. Since Boston has come along she has had to share me and therefor doesn't get the attention she used to, i miss it and i know she misses it. When Aaron comes home from work he takes her out the back to play while i get dinner ready, Boston usually just sits in his swing because he is too young to 'play' just yet so she gets Aaron's undivided attention for 20 minutes or so and i think it's this time together that has strengthened their bond. I really try to get that one on one time with her every day but it's hard when you have laundry to do, dishes in the sink, dirty floors, lunches and snacks to make and another baby to look after. Maybe what i need to do is allocate some mummy daughter time for us once a week where i leave Boston with Aaron and take Regan out somewhere?
I don't know, just wanted to write down how i am feeling right now so that i can look back and hopefully be able to see i made it through ok.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Making Museli...

Today Regan and i tried our hand at making our own museli... It is seriously hard to find any decent cereal in the shops without it containing salt, preservatives and LOADS of sugar so i decided we would make some and see how it goes.

We started with the basics, Rolled Oats, Rice Bran, Puffed Rice and some dried fruit, we measured them out, mixed them together and wallah! DONE, sooo simple. I try to get Regan involved in cooking with me at least once a week, she loves it and so do i. I can't wait for Boston to be old enough to join in as well but for now i love having that one on one time with Regan.

The little munchkin just loves stirring, even if we end up with musei flicked all around the kitchen. ;-) Don't mind the hair either, we are having 'issues' with getting it up in the mornings, it's not worth the argument with her so it can just stay messy. Will save those arguments for when i really need it to be up.
So breakfast tomorrow will be museli, i just hope it tastes as good as it looks.