Thursday, April 7, 2011

Set free...

Today was the day, after almost 7 weeks being tied to a bed Miss R was set free... 

She knew Michael our home care nurse was coming over and she knew he was going to take traction off but she didn't completely understand what that mean so anxiety took over and as soon as he arrived she was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with what's next, overwhelmed with fear, overwhelmed because while at 3 your are very grown up your comprehension of the world is still limited so to her, normal was now different and anything outside of her bed was suddenly foreign again. 

I grabbed my baby girl and hugged her tight, my heart was full of excitement that was very hard to contain, while her's was full of fear. She was hysterical, she was kicking Michael and crying saying she wanted to leave it on and stay in bed, Regan is the furthest from a violent child so for her to be kicking Michael took me off guard a bit. 

Michael and i stopped and had a quick chat and agreed that it has to come off so lets just get it done and within a minute it was off. She was still scared and snuggled in not wanting to look at either of us, so Michael left after doing the necessary checks and i ran a big warm bubble bath. 

She was still crying and begging me to leave her in bed but i knew she had to come out of the bed and regardless of when i did it, it was never going to be easy. So all of us stripped off (Bossy included) and hopped into the bath. While carrying her there she had her arms wrapped so tightly around my neck i felt like i could have let go and she would have held herself up. 

We hoped into the bath and the fear and anxiety melted away with the warmth of the bath and my baby girl returned, not the girl that was in traction but the girl before that. It was such a relief to see her so happy again and this pic shows just how happy she really was, even with those puffy eyes from crying so much. 

We have our x-rays and hospital appointment tomorrow and hopefully after that we will be given the all clear to return to some kind of normal life. 


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