Monday, June 13, 2011

My place and yours...

Kate i am so sorry i haven't participated as i would have liked to but life is just so hectic and i really am going to try and participate much more... 

So here is this weeks My place & Yours from the gorgeous Kate at Kate & Michael +3 and the theme is..... PINK!!!!

Given that i am a bit of a girly girl and i have a daughter PINK is ever present in this house so it wasn't so much as finding something to put up it was more choosing which things to put up, i could have kept snapping PINK things all day, even my camera is PINK. BUT lets get one thing straight, ;-), PINK is NOT my favourite colour and i do believe that you can have too much PINK. :-o Did i just say that out loud!!!!

Miss R's room is pretty much all pink, pink pillow, pink bed spread, pink ponies, pink wall butterflies and the list goes on so the pink things i have chosen are 2 things i use on an almost daily basis and things i can't live without... 

My 2011 diary. My daily schedule gets written up, important dates are in here as well as birthdays. This little book is what keeps my house running on a day to day basis. 

Then there is my iPhone arm band, running would be sooooooo boring without this little baby of mine. 


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Letting go comes with some challenges

Yep, it's not that easy to just let go!!!! The first hurdle was the masses of paper work that is required to declare yourself bankrupt, you really need to be certain you want to be bankrupt because that paper work is not for the faint hearted... 

So it's in, i thought there would be a weight lifted off my shoulders but nope, it's still there. By tuesday 14th June i will be officially bankrupt. Certainly was never in my life plan but none the less i am here so will deal with it. 

So this weight that is still holding me down, i keep wondering when it will be gone and i have made some educated guesses on when it will be gone but to be honest i don't think it's going to be this sudden feeling like everyone keeps telling me it will. I think this weight has been pressing on my shoulders and whispering in my ears for so long i don't know that it will just disappear. I am starting to get the feeling that as things slowly but surely start falling into place weight will slowly be lifted. I also think that this weight has been there for so long that i don't remember what it's like not to have it there. I think it will be a gradual thing and with every day and every new challenge faced the weight will start to lift. 

I can officially tick one of my boxes now too, and that box is WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!!!!! Woo!!! It's gorgeous, it's brand spanking new and only 1 street back from the lake, it's not exactly where i wanted to live but when you are in our situation and renting you have to take what you can get and i got this. :-) So our new address with be 2/43 Jones Ave, Warners Bay!! Here is the google maps shot which was taken before the house was finished but at least you can see it's location just click here

Yep, a little bit of weight did lift from my shoulders when i got that phone call. 

So here is my list of challenges that we now face. 

  • Moving
  • Aaron getting a job
  • Clearing out the old house
  • Handing back the keys to the bank :-(
  • Establishing our new life and new routines 
Can't wait to tick all of those things off the list, my educated guess is that with each one some weight will lift and with each one i will be closer to being truly happy


Sunday, June 5, 2011

The time has come to let go!

We have make the very hard decision to declare bankruptcy. 

It all came down to a couple of things and those few things all revolved around the kids and what we want for them, a beautiful life really. 

We are constantly stressed and on edge, we have NO life because we are both working our guts out every hour we can and we have no money at the end of the day to do anything with the kids. Yeah i know you don't need money to have fun with your kids but when you have no money to even drive them to a different park you know things aren't good. 

The weight hasn't been lifted yet, i still have this pit in my stomach as we fall through the next part of our life. I hope we land softly and i hope we land where i have put the X, where ever that may be. 

The next challenges are finding a house, yes we are moving. The bank have said we can keep the house but long story short, it's not worth it. I have never rented before so am kind of looking forward to learning about the whole rental market and what it feels like to live in a house you don't own. 

Then there is the challenge of Aaron and work, hmmm, not going to go there lets just say what will be will be. 

So i know i will be at peace with the decision but can't say i am at peace with it just yet. 

Maybe i will have more time for blogging now and be able to post more than once a month.