Monday, November 29, 2010

Woot Woot and a Waahoo too!!!

I can't believe it! I lost 1.6kg this week. :-)
I have been super good with my eating, well apart from a bit too much chocolate, but the rest of the time i have been near perfect and it has obviously paid off.

Excuse the picture, i have lost my camera so had to take it on my iPhone. Well gotta run, plenty to do this week in the lead up to Miss R's 3rd birthday. :-o


Monday, November 22, 2010

Um, ok...

Wow! Really not much change at all and i ate really well all week. :-( Only 100g down on last week but i really need to focus on there being a loss, it's so easy to lose focus and motivation on weeks where your eating has been perfect and you only pull a small number.

My period arrived this week so it could be some retained fluid from that but i didn't really exercise and i know for me and my body that exercise plays a huge part in losing weight. I'm not someone that can rely on diet only. I know they say diet is 80% of weight loss and exercise is only 20% but i think for me it's closer to 50 / 50.
I am going to really try hard to take the dissapointment of the scales to push myself a bit harder this week, it's so hard though when this dissapointment really feels like it could be fixed with a big batch of hot chips, mmmmmm, but then the satisfaction of pulling a big number next week would feel much much better than that big batch of hot chips.

I did however stick to my goals last week of reducing wheat and dairy and have almost eliminated them from my diet, so yay me for that! This weeks goal is to do my AB program at least 5 times and to do my push up program 4 times.

OK weight you can bugger off now.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eat right for your type.

A few years ago i was given information on eating for your blood type from my naturopath. I followed it and LOVED it, i had never felt or looked better but then life got in the way as always and i went back to eating normally.
Well this last week i have decided to start 'eating for my type' again.
How it works is it firstly looks at your blood type then you follow the eating plan according to your blood type. It's like any other "diet" in that it mainly reccomends plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meat but it does direct you to towards certain foods that are beneficial for your type and certain foods you should avoid for your type.
I am blood type O, as most people in Australia are, so here is the list of foods for a type O blood.
Here is a link to look at what i am following for my type.
I am not normally one to follow "diets" and i HATE fads with a passion but at the moment i feel like i need some direction, i feel like i need something to tell me what to have and what not to have so i don't have to negatiate with myself.
Well tomorrow is weigh in day so fingers crossed that this past week show some improvement. :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

No quite what i was hoping for but not quite as bad either...

BOOOO!!! I gained 300g. :-( But really what else can i expect. I didn't have a great week and really didn't fit in any exercise at all. It is the motivation i need to get cracking this week though.

So my dairy and wheat intake are still high, not as bad as they were but not great. This week my main aims are to cut the lollies at work and drink drink drink, especially since we have been having such gorgeous weather.

Kim xox

Monday, November 8, 2010

Starting Point

I thought i was starting from 67kg but when i jumped on the scales today i was pleasantly surprised to see this.

So last week, without really trying i managed to lose 800g.
I am aiming to get to 60kg. I am yet to hit that since having the kids and would love love love to get back there. I am not worried about doing it fast so long as i see a loss or maintain each week i will be happy.
Today started off ok, until R and i decided to make cupcakes. I don't know why i do it but one lick of my finger and i was gone. I have no had a couple of licks of the bowl once it was finished as well as eated the edges of the cupcakes i cut off and then went on to eat a crumpet with butter. :-( I really have no idea why i do it. I wasn't hungry, i didn't really want it but still i can't stop myself????? I have managed to pry myself away from the kitchen while the last batch are cooking in the oven and as soon as Aaron gets home i am going to attempt some exercise.
Well binge and winge over, time to get focused and get results.

Kim xox

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I know i know...

So life has gotten in the way again and i haven't blogged for months... Could have something to do with the 4 hours sleep a day i am getting while working part time (9pm until 2am) and looking after the kids full time.

WORK - So work is going FANTASTIC... I am super please with how it's going and am going to have a little brag about myself. ;-)
So it's not an uncommon thing to get compliments come through but when the compliment is forwarded to the CEO and the CEO forwards it out to the whole company and mentions it at the AGM it's a HUGE deal. Yep can you believe it, that's what happened to me. OMG i was stoked, as was my boss and her boss and her boss above that and his boss above that right up to the CEO of direct banking...
So here it is, the copy of the compliment forwarded out by CEO Ralph Norris. :-)

This year's most outstanding compliment praises the efforts of Kimberly Paull of Direct Banking in Newcastle. In particular, Kimberly is praised for her calm and professional approach to resolving her customer’s issue.

“I called 132221 to see what I could do about retrieving an amount of money that my wife and I accidently transferred into an incorrect account. I was very concerned at this time as the sum of money was quite significant to us and we had no idea to whom we had transferred the money. I was assisted on the telephone by Customer Service Representative, Kimberly Paull, who was absolutely fantastic! I was quite anxious at the time and worried about the possibility of not being able to recoup the money and missing mortgage repayments.

Kimberly was calm, reassuring and extremely helpful. I have to admit I was probably not the ideal customer at the time and she worked with me on the phone to ensure that whatever could be done would be done. Kimberly represented the CBA in a completely professional, good humoured and friendly manner. While I acknowledge that the initial problem was my fault, had I not experienced the level of professional customer service that I did from Kimberly, it may have prompted me to look elsewhere for my banking needs. Well done Kimberly and thank you VERY much!”

Sorry, just had to share. So to top that off my team leader sat me down the other night and asked if i would be interested in training up to be a replacement assistant team leader... I just wanted to launch myself at her and scream YES while giving her a massive hug but i didn't instead i did the correct thing and said of course i would love that and politley thanked her very much.
Seriously though with all the crappy things that have been going on the positive things that have been happening at work have been a great distraction. I took about 3 steps backwards when i took this role so it's really really great to be getting offered opportunities already... :-)

ME - So i am keen to get rid of this weight and am going to start keeing a record of my journey, mainly to keep myself honest.
So i am currently at 67kg, yep back where i was after having B. I have started Pole Dancing with MPOLE which i LOVE. I go on Friday nights before work and i am loving my little bit of 'me' time. It's a great workout, especially for the core which is exactly what i thought and what i need. I can't wait to move up the levels now and learn all there is to learn.

Ok that's enough for now, i am going to be completly naughty and go and make some pikelets to pig out on before tomorrow when i start cracking the whip on my butt again. ;-)

Kim xox