Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Foreign Mental Patients

Toddlers are (in the words of Lauren Norton) "little, foreign, mental, patients. 

OMG so so funny and a great way to describe these little people we have running around at our knees. In the nicest possibly way this sums up who toddlers are. 

I keep bursting out into laughter thinking of this statement, i was trying to put Bossy to bed today and was laying next to him singing "twinkle twinkle" but kept having to stop because i would just look at his cute little face, think of this saying and burst out laughing. B didn't think it was too funny and would give me an evil look as if to stay stop bloody laughing you idiot and keep singing my song so i can fall asleep. 

So to back it up here is a beautiful pic from my lovely son pulling the face he pulls best. 

At least i know that he will lose that title in years to come, as R has done, but for now i am going to belly laugh at him every time he does something "special" and think of this saying. 


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