Sunday, January 29, 2012

Their rooms...

Here are my kidlette's rooms. No not just to prove they do have their own beds to sleep in but because i wanted to capture it and some lovely mum's i know have motivated me to do this post... Their rooms have changed a bit since we moved out of our home and are now renting, the restrictions are the hardest thing to work with some times. 

I'll start with Regan's room. 

Both my kids rooms start the same with their name on the door, which i bought for them both not long after each of them were born. 

Standing at the door looking in, Regan's room gets all the morning sun and is the coolest room in the afternoon, which is awesome in summer.

Her tall boy with the gorgeous Alice in wonderland canvas... When we get around to updating her room i will use the canvas as inspiration for the theme and colours. 

Her birthday present, don't mind the book case, it really needs to be organised. It's on my "to do" list. 

She really does have the comfiest bed in the whole house, i admit to sneaking in here some nights. 

I do try to limit the number of dolls on her bed. Nothing says "girl" like some cute dolls on the bed though, love it. 

And now for Boston's room. 

His name, hmmm, needs to be fixed up a bit after looking at this pic. 

Standing from his door. His room is at the back of the house so it gets all the afternoon sun, great for winter not so good for summer. 

The very messy tall boy, after inspiration from Danimezza's post i am going to find a book case to do up for his room now to try and organise some things. 

His bed cushions, LOVE his truck cushion. 

His toy corner, this would be the best part of his room. So many different places to literally throw his toys away. 

The blue chair i bought to BF him in, it was only $70 from fantastic furniture and is so so comfy. 


Saturday, January 28, 2012


So i admit it, we co-sleep. 

Yep all the time.

Every night. 

It started when i went back to work, working until 2am and living off 4 hours sleep with a 6 month old and 2.5 yo meant i did what ever i had to to get sleep. 

I actually love it, i love having my babies so close to me each night. I do worry though, i worry about what 'damage' it is doing to my kids. Is it making them too dependant? Is it not allowing them to grow as individuals? There is so much negativity around co-sleeping that i do question myself on a regular basis. However i also have a massive underlying paranoid fear about my kids being kidnapped. If they are in their own room on their own someone could take them without waking me, someone could come into their room and get them and i may not even stir, and that keeps me awake at night on the occasion they have slept in their own beds, crazy i know... 

They each have their own beds and their own rooms and we ask them regularly if they want to sleep in their own room and occasionally they will so it's def not something we are forcing apon them, i really don't know what is right or wrong when it comes to this though.

As always i come home from work, throw the doona off and climb into bed, one particular night though melted my heart when i threw the doona off to see them holding hands, so sweetly, sleeping like angels but connected. It was so hard to climb into bed and not just stand there staring at them. Love and its sweetest. 

I guess no one co-sleeps with their parents forever, right? Aaron co-slept with my MIL and my sister co-slept with my mum until early teens and both of them are strong, fiercely independent, relatively well adjusted adults so i hope that co-sleeping with my babies is the right thing to do at this stage of life. 


Saturday, January 7, 2012


NYE is a sad time of year for me, Simon left us 12 years ago this NYE, he would have been 27. 

I spent it with Aaron, my babies, my BFF and her little men. The kids had a ball, while they didn't really grasp the whole concept they were still stoked they got to eat bad food, stay up late, play with glow sticks and watch fireworks.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

May 2012 be the year we get our shit together, may it be the year where the laughter outweighs the tears and the smiles be plentiful... 

Wonder what 2012 will bring? New job for Aaron - fingers crossed
New job for me - Well this will depend on Aaron's job
Finishing cert 4 in fitness - A must
Enjoying my babies more and more and loving them more and more is all i can ask for really.