Sunday, August 22, 2010

two or three?

Babies that is... I want three he is happy with two. Hmmm, i have never made it a secret that i have always wanted three children but in the same breath Aaron has always said he 'thinks' he wants two. He always said he would re-assess after we had children and after Boston was born he said he is happy with the two.
Now i totally understand his reasonings BUT i think, i am pretty sure, i want another. I do sway though from desperately wanting another to being happy with the two gorgeous ones we have now. From as far back as i can remember i have wanted 3 kids, i always said i wanted 2 boys and a girl, not that i would care what the sex of the next one was but my point is this isn't something i have just decided on lately. I think what is swinging my mind is Aaron's points.
Ok so here are his reasons why he doesn't want another baby and my responses. ;-)
  • Car - We wouldn't have any spare seats. Why do we need a spare seat? The car will fit 3 car seats
  • House - Two of them would have to share. They wouldn't have had to share if he hadn't put us in the financial shit hole we are in as the plan was to sell before R started school and get a bigger house and if we keep working hard we will get out of this and be able to buy a bigger house. And what is wrong with kids sharing a room for a few years.
  • Finances - He wants to be able to give our children a helping hand and give them the best possible start. Please refer to part of the response above but also having three kids wont make us broke, yes we wont be able to give them as much as if we only had two but this is always going to be the case when you add another child.
  • Time - He can take one kid somewhere i can take the other kid somewhere and one of them will have to miss out. Heaps of people have three or more kids and manage.
  • Relationship - Our relationship has been through more than most couples would go through in a life time over the last 18months. Well this is my con, Aaron thinks things are back to 100% but i am still dealing with everything so this is my main con against having three babies.
  • Getting me back - I am really enjoying getting me back, i have either been pregnant or BF since March 2007 so it will be nice to have me back but if i had another child i totally wouldn't mind giving up myself again for a few years.
  • Effort and stress - He thinks i am a bit of a perfectionist and he gets annoyed about how i always have to have the house clean and always have to be doing things with the kids, he doesn't understand why i can't just let them watch TV (like he does when he has them) and that i am going to wear myself out and become even more of a stress head. Isn't this for me to deal with, yes i do get stressed when things don't go the way i plan and yes i do like to schedule everything and am a super organised person but i think those organisational skills are what would help me cope well with three kids.
Ok i will leave it there. I might come back and read over those pro's and con's a few times over the next few weeks and hope the picture is clearer. I wish it was an easy decision.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Right Now...

Right now i am sitting on the lounge in the lounge room. The movie "little miss sunshine" is on TV and i can hear the air conditioner kick into action. B went to bed fine at around 8pm but my little miss sunshine has decided that sleep isn't for her any more. Rather than argue with her (i have learn't to pick my battles) i let her grab her pillow and a blanket and lay on the lounge. Needless to say she crashed out shortly after and this is the sleeping beauty as she is right now laying next to me.

So i have done the tasks i set for myself tonight which was to clean the lounge room and dining room again and mop all the floors, yay. Finally i can sit and relax with the lap top.
To be totally honest with you though i actually really enjoy housework. I love the gratification i get after the job is done and i love looking around seeing the house all sparkly and clean, even if i know it will be destroyed within 5 minutes of the kids waking in the morning. Sad of me isn't it. I guess after everything that we have been through over the last few years it's the smallest things that make me happy.
One of the things that makes me happiest lately is coming home from work. Yep as soon as 2am hits i am out the door as fast as i possibly can be. I love walking in the door wondering which of my babies will be in bed waiting for cuddles and i actually get a tad dissapointed if they have both slept beautifully and are both still tucked up in their own beds. Again sad of me isn't it.
Anyway when i got home on saturday morning this is what i was greeted with.
Nawwwwww, both my babies crashed out in my bed. Don't you just love how B is draped over the pillow and R is all neat and sleeping as if she were a princess. lol.
So of course i promptly hopped into bed and joined them all for cuddles, lucky we have a king size bed!