Monday, March 1, 2010

Weaning? I can't remember why exactly?

I have been really enjoying breast feeeding again and to be honest couldn't ever imagine bottle feeding any of my children. Anyway, while feeding Bossy the other day it got me thinking of how much i used to love feeding Regan and then i started thinking about when i weaned her. Now i am proud of how far we went (almost 14 months) and i am happy that the weaning process was easy and done when Regan was ready BUT i really can't remember why i decided to wean her then???
She was down to 1 feed at that point, only before bed, i was extremely tired and sick due to being in the early stages of pregnancy and Regan STILL wasn't sleeping through the night so maybe that had something to do with it? I remember people telling me that i 'really should consider weaning soon' and that i had 'fed her long enough' and that i 'should do it as early as possible now i am pregnant so she doesn't remember' rada rada but i am not one to normally cave in to peer pressure. I do remember my mum saying that Regan will wean herself in her own time now that i am pregnant but i didn't really listen to her and now wish i did.
From what i can remember one night she just seemed really happy so i said to Aaron that i wouldn't offer it and see what happened and sure enough she didn't ask for it. I think i thought if i wean her it is one less thing i have to do but in reality i can't really remember now.
So i guess i am now regretting my decsision to wean her when i did. I know i can't go back and change it instead need to be proud of how far we came, 14 months is a great effort.
So as for Boston i am going to leave it more up to him, instead of guiding the weaning this time i will completly leave it up to him. Chances are after 13 / 14 months he will only be having 1 feed a day so really who needs to know if we are still feeding or not.
Kim xox

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  1. It's funny, I know exactly why I weaned and can remember our last feed (I was scared as I was pregnant and having cramps and the bleeding had started that morning) but I still wish I hadn't weaned G when I did. 14 months is a damn fine effort by Australian standards but I still wish we had gone longer. She has had EBM since H's arrival though, and if he is ever having a bottle it has to be guarded with eagle eyes or she will take off with it and drink it herself!