Saturday, March 13, 2010

Learning young...

Yes everyone knows i am a breast feeding advocate and that i like to tell people about the benefits etc when ever the topic is raised, though i am really careful not to be pushy, so it's not much of a surprise i suppose that Missy R breast feeds her "babies". She has bottles for her babies but if you ask her about the bottles she will tell you that water goes into the bottles. She often grabs one of her babies and sits on the lounge with me and 'feeds' her baby while i am feeding Bossy but i am not normally able to capture this moment, for obvious reasons, so when Aaron was home the other day and she did it i made sure i got a pic. :-)
I personally think it's so cute and i am proud that her understanding of how babies are fed is by 'booby milk' and that she accepts that it is normal. One of my life goals is to teach my children about living a healthy life and i guess there is no better way to start than at the begining. :-)


  1. So very cute :) G feeds her babies, or offers H her booby when he is upset. I've also fed teddy bears and puppy dogs. Her recent thing is to wander around with the top of my breastpump going 'pump pump' :)
    You are absolutely right... all starts from the beginning!

  2. Hehe, too cute... I am very happy that she considers it the normal way for babies to eat. I think i have to stop posting about breasfeeding for a while though, it's all i seem to talk about at the moment. ;-)