Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home to the shop - yay!

I have been back running now for 6 weeks. Yes i know, i took my time, Boston is 5.5 months now. Anyway one of my short term goals was to run from home to the shop and today i did it. :-)
Mum was here and the kids were being good so she said i should go so i did.
It's around 5 k's and i did it in 33 minutes including a 5minute warm up walk, so if i ran the whole thing it would have been closer to the 30 minute mark.
My aerobic fitness is great, aerobically i felt like i could have kept running for a lot longer it was my core and legs that were letting me down. At least i now know what i need to work on and will put together a program to increase my core strength and legs.
My next goal is to run to the shop and back... Eeek, will have to up my regular runs and really get stuck into my core training as i am pretty sure that is one of the main factors. Anyway i am still on track for the 10k Hill to Harbour run on Easter Monday and am actually really looking forward to it so in the mean time i will keep ounding the pavement. ;-)

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