Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not much really

Well not much has been happening the last week or so. We had Boston's christening on the weekend and it was fantastic but i will wait until i have some pictures to blog on that.
I have started doing the home deliveries for the shop, just the local ones, which take about an hour out of my day each day. It a bit of a pain in the butt, but i really need to start making some more money for the household and i would rather pay myself than pay someone else.
Mum had her hysterectomy (sp) yesterday and it all went really well except they had to take everything out, ovaries and all which means she will be on hormones pretty much for the rest of her life. Mum, being the fit woman that she is will be fine, she will bounce back no problems and is already looking forward to finally having a flat tummy. We went to visit her twice today and i think the kids really brightened her day, she was looking suprisingly well as well. Regan was ever so cute and hoped up onto the bed and said "so, nanny. You have a sore tummy?" She was busy chatting away to all the nurses and other patients in the room and even showed nanny how she does her 'exercises', lol. She has been watching me do mine at home and now copies, she can do some boxing, crunches, sit ups, squats and stretches, all in her own way of course. While we were there Boston was ever the angel that he is, happily kicked away, gooing and smiling at everyone. The lady in the bed next to mum saw me changing his bum and asked about the nappy's i was using so of course i went into my full blown pitch about the MCN's. She was rather impressed with them and is going to talk to her daughter in law about using them, i hope that is a good thing though as i know how some mother in laws can come across.
Anyway tomorrow we are doing the usual, heading to the gym first thing, coming home for lunch, heading out to do deliveries then coming home to do housework and play.

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