Monday, November 22, 2010

Um, ok...

Wow! Really not much change at all and i ate really well all week. :-( Only 100g down on last week but i really need to focus on there being a loss, it's so easy to lose focus and motivation on weeks where your eating has been perfect and you only pull a small number.

My period arrived this week so it could be some retained fluid from that but i didn't really exercise and i know for me and my body that exercise plays a huge part in losing weight. I'm not someone that can rely on diet only. I know they say diet is 80% of weight loss and exercise is only 20% but i think for me it's closer to 50 / 50.
I am going to really try hard to take the dissapointment of the scales to push myself a bit harder this week, it's so hard though when this dissapointment really feels like it could be fixed with a big batch of hot chips, mmmmmm, but then the satisfaction of pulling a big number next week would feel much much better than that big batch of hot chips.

I did however stick to my goals last week of reducing wheat and dairy and have almost eliminated them from my diet, so yay me for that! This weeks goal is to do my AB program at least 5 times and to do my push up program 4 times.

OK weight you can bugger off now.


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