Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eat right for your type.

A few years ago i was given information on eating for your blood type from my naturopath. I followed it and LOVED it, i had never felt or looked better but then life got in the way as always and i went back to eating normally.
Well this last week i have decided to start 'eating for my type' again.
How it works is it firstly looks at your blood type then you follow the eating plan according to your blood type. It's like any other "diet" in that it mainly reccomends plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meat but it does direct you to towards certain foods that are beneficial for your type and certain foods you should avoid for your type.
I am blood type O, as most people in Australia are, so here is the list of foods for a type O blood.
Here is a link to look at what i am following for my type.
I am not normally one to follow "diets" and i HATE fads with a passion but at the moment i feel like i need some direction, i feel like i need something to tell me what to have and what not to have so i don't have to negatiate with myself.
Well tomorrow is weigh in day so fingers crossed that this past week show some improvement. :-)

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