Monday, November 8, 2010

Starting Point

I thought i was starting from 67kg but when i jumped on the scales today i was pleasantly surprised to see this.

So last week, without really trying i managed to lose 800g.
I am aiming to get to 60kg. I am yet to hit that since having the kids and would love love love to get back there. I am not worried about doing it fast so long as i see a loss or maintain each week i will be happy.
Today started off ok, until R and i decided to make cupcakes. I don't know why i do it but one lick of my finger and i was gone. I have no had a couple of licks of the bowl once it was finished as well as eated the edges of the cupcakes i cut off and then went on to eat a crumpet with butter. :-( I really have no idea why i do it. I wasn't hungry, i didn't really want it but still i can't stop myself????? I have managed to pry myself away from the kitchen while the last batch are cooking in the oven and as soon as Aaron gets home i am going to attempt some exercise.
Well binge and winge over, time to get focused and get results.

Kim xox

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