Thursday, April 8, 2010


 Ok so i thought i would join in... ;-) Every Thursday Danimezza does a Polly Dolly theme. She will list the theme and then you put together your favourite things to do with that theme. I have decided to join in as it will give me something different to post about and hey i can get my shopping fix at the same time.

This week it's GYM GEAR!!!

So here is my collage and i will explain my choices.
The Lorna Jane pants. Well Lorna Jane is my all time favourite gym wear to buy the only down side is the $$$ however the quality is just fantastic so well worth it. Is it just me or do those pants just look soooo comfy. I am in desperate need of some new joggers. I LOVE my Asics and as soon as i am back at work will be frantically saving for a new pair. My iPhone is my weapon of choice while running, i run so much better while listening to music and i feel safe carrying it knowing that someone is just a phone call away, call my paranoid but sometime when i am running down a quiet street i get a little spooked.
My trusty Tupperware drink bottle, i have it in orange and it comes EVERYWHERE with me. It is a safe plastic that won't break down into the water and it saves me buying a new bottle of water everytime i go out. Did you know that water bottles are like the number 1 piece of litter... The Forum, this it my gym and i am hooked, i would go everyday if i could. The heart rate monitor is there because if i ever had a spare $150 i would buy one, it would make such a difference to my training. The wrist sweat band now I keep meaning to buy one of these but always manage to forget, it probably won't be so much of an issue now the weather is cooling down but i will try and get one soon.
Lastly NO EXCUSES, this is my motto when it comes to exercise and i love it becuase it's simple and so true.



  1. I didn't use Polyvore, instead made my own. ;-)

  2. oh great job! Wrist sweat bands sound perfect, might have to look for some. Clever you doing it without polyvore.