Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Well most people buy easter eggs for their family on easter and while easter eggs were shared it wasn't the main event in my families easter this year. Instead of the traditional egg hunt and chocolate overdose we all decided to participate in the 10k Hill to Harbour fun run.
Now mum, my sister (Amanda) and i participate reguarly in fun runs but the rest of my family have never really bothered so we were sooo excited when most of them agreed to run with us. Even thought they have never run in a fun run before they are all pretty fit, active and healthy people so it really wasn't too hard to convince them.

The day started out at Amanda's at 730am, we all met and chatted and got excited and nervous about what we were all about to do. Then at about 8am we decided to walk to the start line, which was about 20 minutes from Amanda's house. On the way it started to rain and got heavier and heavier and really didn't look like it was going to stop. Amanda had her iPod and i had my iPhone and we were both worried about them getting wet so made the decision to call Aaron and get him to pick them up for us, bad move. Good old Murphy paid us a visit after that and right before the race the clouds parted and the sun came out. Grrr. Neither of us had ever run without music before but we were up for the challenge.

The race gun went and the masses started to slowly file through the start gate. Amanda and i started out running together but within the first 200meters she was already gaining momentum so we spilt and she ran ahead. It took me about 3k's to get into a good rhythmn which is way longer than usual but i think having no music was the problem then at about the 4k mark my feet started to hurt and the blisters started to build.

This is the end result of my blisters. :-( Even though they were killing me i never stopped running. As soon as i crossed that finish line though all i wanted to do was get my shoes off...

Anyway i LOVED it, i loved pushing myself and reaching a goal, i loved doing something with the whole community that supports one of my passions being health and fitness and the best part about it was i was doing it with the people that matter the most.

This is my sister (Amanda), me and my mum after the race. Now i do have to mention that my mum is a bit of a super woman, she had a full hysterectomy just 7 weeks prior and although she didn't run like she normally does she did walk the whole 10ks and is busting for the next challenge.

When i signed up for this particular run i had 2 goals, the first was to finish in under 75 minutes and the other was to beat my sister. Well i didn't beat Amanda but i did finish in under 75 minutes so i am happy with that.

So what did the rest of the family think??? They loved it and are all pumped and excited for next easter now. Looks like this will be an annual easter tradition for us now. :-)

Oh yeah and i know you are probably wondering what my time was, well it was 68 minutes from start to finish. The next race on the agenda is the Mothers Day Classic, bring it on. :-)



  1. OUCH, that blister looks like it kills. Good you on you for achieving your goals xx

  2. Wow Kim, we're blister friends separated at birth! lol...good on you too for not stopping x