Sunday, January 31, 2010

Proud of myself. :-)

I am very proud of myself. I set out to lose some weight and well it's working! I have never really had to 'lose' weight before but have always had to 'maintain' my weight as i gain weight very easily.
A few reasons for me wanting to drop some kilo's are
  • I'm just not happy at this weight
  • My post preg body has been getting me down
  • I want to fit into all my old clothes
  • I want some confidence back
  • My bridesmaids dress for my lil sisters wedding doesn't fit, opps.

So i started at the begining of this year, yep really bad time to start as most people who try to lose weight at this time of year usually fail. Anyway i am armed with the knowledge from my cert in Fitness and have been able to put it into practice, i still struggle resisting some of those yummy yummy foods but i just make up for it with exercise. Now this comment will be met with a lot of critisism but losing weight really is a simple formula, what goes in needs to be less than what is used.

Now this isn't a fad either, i have ALWAYS been into healthy living and really want to make sure i pass this on to Regan and Boston. I want them to grow up getting excited about fresh fruit and vegies not getting excited about hot chips and burgers. I want them to appreciate the food they eat and appreciate their bodies. I want them to treat their bodies with the respect it deserves by looking after it and giving it the right fuel.

I am really lucky that majority of our family feels the same so family functions are full of good healthy food. One of my friends even said to me how suprised she was at the difference between her family functions and mine, hers are filled with cup cakes and potato chips where as mine where filled with home made dips and vege stick, this comment actually made me quite proud.

Sure we do have 'bad' foods but they are only occasional or i usually modify them. I made party pies the other day but in the mince there was grated zucchini, spinach, carrot and mushroom. I made them completly from scratch and Regan and Aaron loved them.

So far this month i have lost 4.5kg. I am still breast feeding Boston so really don't want to lose weight too fast. I started at 71.6kg after losing all that i was going to lose after having Bossy B and am currently 67.1kg. my first goal is 65kg and my final goal is 60kg which i would like to be by Amanda's wedding. I know i can do it i just need to remain focused. :-)

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