Monday, January 25, 2010


As a general rule Aaron doesn't do holidays. It usually takes heaps of nagging, on my part, and heaps of winging, on his part before we actually manage to get anywhere but this time he decided to surprise the kids and i with a trip away to Harrington.

So i madly packed and we left early on saturday morning. The drive there was pretty good, the kids slept most of the way and Regan even managed to wear undies for the whole trip with only one stop for a wee wee on the grass. I was a bit worried about only going for the night that it would seem a bit rushed but it wasn't, it was great. We stayed at the Big4 caravan park, which was the perfect spot for the kids.

We swam and ate, went to the beach, played putt putt and jumped on a massive jumping pillow. Regan loved being away on holidays and Boston seemed to enjoy it as well. If only Aaron wasn't so tired from working so hard. I think for us to truely enjoy a holiday we would need to go away for a week, but we all know that just isn't possible when you own your own business.
So there you go, 'our' version of a holiday, it was only 1 day but it was worth it. ;-)

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