Monday, June 13, 2011

My place and yours...

Kate i am so sorry i haven't participated as i would have liked to but life is just so hectic and i really am going to try and participate much more... 

So here is this weeks My place & Yours from the gorgeous Kate at Kate & Michael +3 and the theme is..... PINK!!!!

Given that i am a bit of a girly girl and i have a daughter PINK is ever present in this house so it wasn't so much as finding something to put up it was more choosing which things to put up, i could have kept snapping PINK things all day, even my camera is PINK. BUT lets get one thing straight, ;-), PINK is NOT my favourite colour and i do believe that you can have too much PINK. :-o Did i just say that out loud!!!!

Miss R's room is pretty much all pink, pink pillow, pink bed spread, pink ponies, pink wall butterflies and the list goes on so the pink things i have chosen are 2 things i use on an almost daily basis and things i can't live without... 

My 2011 diary. My daily schedule gets written up, important dates are in here as well as birthdays. This little book is what keeps my house running on a day to day basis. 

Then there is my iPhone arm band, running would be sooooooo boring without this little baby of mine. 


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  1. I love it! Not that I would ever run with an iPhone but I still want one of those arm bands!
    Don't apologise hun its not meant to be a chore or a job you have to do. Play along when you want, I'll always be here : )