Saturday, June 11, 2011

Letting go comes with some challenges

Yep, it's not that easy to just let go!!!! The first hurdle was the masses of paper work that is required to declare yourself bankrupt, you really need to be certain you want to be bankrupt because that paper work is not for the faint hearted... 

So it's in, i thought there would be a weight lifted off my shoulders but nope, it's still there. By tuesday 14th June i will be officially bankrupt. Certainly was never in my life plan but none the less i am here so will deal with it. 

So this weight that is still holding me down, i keep wondering when it will be gone and i have made some educated guesses on when it will be gone but to be honest i don't think it's going to be this sudden feeling like everyone keeps telling me it will. I think this weight has been pressing on my shoulders and whispering in my ears for so long i don't know that it will just disappear. I am starting to get the feeling that as things slowly but surely start falling into place weight will slowly be lifted. I also think that this weight has been there for so long that i don't remember what it's like not to have it there. I think it will be a gradual thing and with every day and every new challenge faced the weight will start to lift. 

I can officially tick one of my boxes now too, and that box is WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!!!!! Woo!!! It's gorgeous, it's brand spanking new and only 1 street back from the lake, it's not exactly where i wanted to live but when you are in our situation and renting you have to take what you can get and i got this. :-) So our new address with be 2/43 Jones Ave, Warners Bay!! Here is the google maps shot which was taken before the house was finished but at least you can see it's location just click here

Yep, a little bit of weight did lift from my shoulders when i got that phone call. 

So here is my list of challenges that we now face. 

  • Moving
  • Aaron getting a job
  • Clearing out the old house
  • Handing back the keys to the bank :-(
  • Establishing our new life and new routines 
Can't wait to tick all of those things off the list, my educated guess is that with each one some weight will lift and with each one i will be closer to being truly happy


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  1. Hi there, I stumbled across you from My Place and Your, just wanted to send some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses over to you as you start the next leg of your life journey xx