Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Place and Yours

Yay Kate from Kate and Michael +3 is going to continue on with My Place and Yours. 

So this weeks theme is What's on your bed... 

My bed spread comes from my sister and was a christmas present like 3 years ago... It was perfect at the time but is starting to look a bit worn and dated and i am thinking that will have have to be this years christmas present again. 

It's pale green, almost mint, with white embroidered flowers on it. There is no way Aaron would let me go too girly but this seemed to fit into his criteria, it is his bedroom as well after all. 

And of course, what bed wouldn't be complete without matching throw pillow's to go with it. 

I LOVE my bed, if only i got to spend more time in it. 



  1. Thats beautiful! much more grown up than my pink mess!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, elegant, gorgeous! I love it!