Friday, May 6, 2011

Lunch with my little man...

Today is Friday, Pre-school day, YAY!!! 
Normally i run around frantically getting everything done and then B and i crash out about 1pm for our afternoon nap together, god i love our naps together. Anyway today is a beautiful Autumn day so i thought we might have our lunch on the grass out the back together.

While sitting out there eating enjoying every minute looking at my gorgeous boy being so well behaved i thought, hmmm this would make a beautiful post in my blog and i could get some great pics of him. So off i run inside to get the camera. 

By the time i get back B has shovelled almost the entire bowl of hummus into his mouth with his hands, his beautiful clean clothes are covered and he has it smeared all over his face... *sigh* that's B for you and i wouldn't have him any other way!!!

Right now i have stripped him off and he is having a ball running around naked yelling crazy noises at the top of his lugs... Not long till nap time, phew. 


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