Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My NEW place and yours...

I am participating, yay! I have renamed it though to My new place and yours given that we are in the new place now. 

So what has the lovely Kate got in store for us this week, it's a peek outside your bathroom window. What a raining miserable day to be looking out the window, well in my part of the world it is. 

We have 2 bathrooms, this is the view from the main. 

As you can see, beautiful grey skies to match the grey concrete of the houses behind us, a lone palm tree gives us a slight break from the harsh lines and cold colours of the fences and buildings. Thank god i don't have to look out this window all day. 

And the ensuite, or Aaron's bathroom as i would rather share with the kids than him and his man poo's!!! OK totally just grossed you out now but despite the now gross image you have of our ensuite it actually has the best view out of the two bathrooms. 

I love greenery. Vines covering the colourbond fence make all the difference, too bad they don't help with the smells my husband leaves behind in there. 



  1. I banned Michael from No2's in the ensuite : ) So its still our bathroom hehe

  2. Hahaha, maybe i should BAN him from doing it as well. ;-)